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Personal Branding: The Case of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK)

Shah Rukh Khan – the name is sound and down to the earth. Shah Rukh Khan popularly known as SRK hardly needs any introduction at least in this sub-continent. He is one of the biggest heartthrobs of not only million of Indians but also of his fan following throughout the world. Khan grew up in Delhi and his interests in acting cultivated during his school days. Although today he is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood, has numerous best actor awards, and has branched out into film production and television presenting as well but his early life was not smooth one. SRK is one of the few persons who made their won way and inspires millions to run after their dreams. During the release period of his most ambitious Sci-Fic movie Ra.One, in an interview he quoted that people takes risk in two times of his life- first when he has nothing and second when ha everything has. Very true ….. SRK took risk at his early career when a new comer portrayed the character of anti hero in “Darr” (when he has nothing) and then “Ra.One” (when he has everything). And today SRK is such a name that doesn’t indicate a person; it means something more than a person. The way he nurse his dreams and cultivate himself to reach the highest spectrum of success and achievement inspire me to write this note.

For last few days I am working on personal branding and its mechanisms. The more I go in-depth of this concept the more I am realizing the need of understanding it through analyzing the work and life of global public figures. And I took the case of SRK for a justified reason. According to Dan Schawbel, “Personal branding describes the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal, and then leverage it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal. In this way, individuals can enhance their recognition as experts in their field, establish reputation and credibility advance their careers and build self-confidence.”


The 5 B’s of personal branding and SRK

To be specific I am going to the elements that reflect or represent a person as a brand. There are 5 B’s that collectively present a personal brand. In the following discussion I will try to incorporate the elements of brand SRK into these 5 B’s.



How brand SRK deals with it?

1 Be Ubiquitous: Create multiple streams of you Unquestionably SRK has multiple streams inside him. Starting as TV actor, then film star (portrayed almost every types of character from anti-hero to super hero), producer, program presenter, TV host, brand ambassador (from product to state), IPL Cricket team owner, real estate business investor and many more.
2 Be Social: Effective manage tour “social systems” Who can be a better social communicator than SRK. Maintain a regular interaction with media, colleagues, parties & events, social networking. Despite of being such a super star he is social enough grasp every social events and likes.
3 Be Interesting: Write, photograph, share, gives SRK probably the most searched star in the world. Whatever he does become news….. he writes, talks, funs, shares, dance and gives immense pleasure to his fans and followers.
4 Be Remarkable: Do something worthy of a remark Is it necessary to say anything about the remark-ability of the work SRK does? Highest number of awards, recognition, trade-mark characters, taking Bollywood globally and so on….
5 Be Yourself: Let your personality shine through SRK shines with his own stand and own caliber. He never means to be someone else…. SRK is SRK all of his way.

The 5 P’s of personal branding and SRK

Now let show how SRK is brand-SRK today. Nothing comes by itself to his life; he is not a brand by his family-succession. SRK is now brand-SRK by his own dedication and determination for works and beyond. The following table will present a brief analysis of his way to be someone worthwhile to be referred.

Sl P’s What does it mean? How SRK deals with it?
1 Purpose Personal branding lets you control how other people perceive you… You’re telling them what you stand for… When someone hears your name, what do you want them to think? When we hear the name SRK we imagine a person who is winning millions hearts by his open arms…. We visualize a person after whom millions are crashing with love and belongingness…. that what SRK stands for.
2 Proposition Your Proposition is Your Core Competency. You’ve Got to Know Yourself to Grow Yourself. The proposition hold by SRK is the determination for work and life. He knows the best what he supposes to be and what he have to do for that.
3 Packaging It includes Posture, Facial Expression, Gestures, Clothing, Hygienic it necessary to say the packaging of SRK? How he looks and how dressed to express what he is? I think not!!!!!!
4 People  Nothing the slightest bit amazing has ever been done in isolation. Individual competitiveness = what you know. Your network is your net worth.SRK is among those who are connected with the maximum numbers of people through-out the world. His presence in social networking makes him one of the most visible persons of the planet.
5 Perseverance There is a very, very, very fine line between success and failure …. it is about being constantly hammered and coming back from the hard times and low moments.Clarity (about who you are and who you are not)

Consistency (in your message about who you are)

Constancy (continual visibility to your target audience).

Clarity: SRK is a person who always can shape his personality. He clearly knows who he is and what he is?Consistency: A consistent performer and a man of delicious success recipe for last 20 years!!

Constancy: Yes…. he is the most visible super star who always keep connections with his audiences.

A lot more can be written….. a lot more words can be said, but for a brand like SRK words are just not enough. I can remember long ago SRK twitted, “Don’t walk as you rule the world, walk as you don’t care who rule the world.” Yes sir being a king from nothing is not so easy but you made it, that why you are king of hearts.

Hope will write something more on brand SRK next time. Till then be safe, be calm, be happy and keep smiling.


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