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Mobile Marketing Facts – What Marketers Need to know about Smartphones and Tablets

Move Your Marketing Into the Mobile Future Mobile penetration for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices continues to expand, changing how both customers and marketers communicate and interact. Smartphone’s 2012 US tipping point In the US, smartphone ownership reached a tipping point in mid 2012 where new smartphone ownership exceeded feature phones. Smartphone ownership continues … Continue reading

Mobile Payments in China: Disruptive in Actions – Raymond Cheong (Partner, KPMG)

What is the current state of mobile payments? The acceleration of smartphone adoption has resulted in an eruption of the mobile payment market, especially in China. For example, 55% of China’s internet users have made a mobile payment, versus only 19% of U.S. internet users. The transactional value of global mobile payments has skyrocketed from … Continue reading

Mobile Wallet – Market Trends and Future Predictions

Mobile wallet is a system that allows consumers to pay by phone during travel, from any location, anytime. It is an application that manages the portfolio of mobile NFC services on the handset. It may also manage other services offered by mobile operators and their partners. The mobile wallet enables the user to prioritise one … Continue reading

Global Smart Card Market – Brief Industry Analysis, Growth and Trends

A smart card is also known as a chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC). Usually a plastic card which contains a memory or microprocessor chip embedded in it, which is capable of storing and transmitting data. A smart card is small and may be used for security, authentication, identification, data storage and application processing. … Continue reading