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Buyer Personas – 9 Steps to Profiling Buyer Personas

By: Peter Sandeen Courtesy: What are buyer personas? Buyer personas are the individual and identifiable groups of people who buy your products. For example a stereo store has at least three important and very distinct buyer personas. Stereo store example: 1. Those looking for a better stereo system. They’re usually men and they generally don’t mind … Continue reading

The Super Powers of Lead Scoring

We’ve had this infographic in the works for a while, and we’re really excited about the illustration and the content. Thanks to the collaboration with our team at DK New Media, our marketing automation software sponsors at Right On Interactive (ROI), and the amazing talent of Ryan Howe at Henchmen Comic, we are happy to … Continue reading

Market Segmentation in B2B Markets

Written by Paul Hague and Matthew Harrison Satisfying people’s needs and making a profit along the way is the purpose of marketing. However, people’s needs differ and therefore satisfying them may require different approaches. Identifying needs and recognising differences between groups of customers is at the heart of marketing. What Is Marketing If It Is … Continue reading

Business-to-Business Segmentation: An Overview

This article provides pointers for effective Business-to-Business segmentation research. Companies can position clients in their marketing strategy using the Lifetime Customer Value metric. Business-to-Business segmentation rarely receives the attention that its cousin discipline, customer segmentation, receives. We at SIS International Market Research have compiled a few considerations for B2B segmentation. This is not an exhaustive … Continue reading

B2B Marketing Framework: how to manage the complexity

We often discuss in this blog how B2B marketing is becoming more complex, and how to manage this complexity. Marketing is getting involved in many more areas that touch the customer along the buying process, multiplied by a dizzying variety of new tactics, online communications and engagement platforms. I have always liked frameworks to make … Continue reading

The Architecture of B2B Brand

The branding strategy at once time were seems to be concentrated only on consumer markets. These B2C industries were the standard by which all other commercial entities measured their branding strategy. But the exponential growth of B2B business all over the globe initiates the development of corporate branding strategies fro B2B companies. Today’s complex marketplace, … Continue reading