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Digital Transaction and eCommerce: Bangladesh Perspective

By underpinning the services to enable funds to be transferred between people and institutions, payment systems play a vital role in a country’s financial system. In formulation of an efficient payment system bank remain as the core of this system. The contribution of a bank to bring maximum number of people under financial inclusion actually … Continue reading

Impulse Purchase in E-commerce: Applying Real World Principles Online

Impulse buying can be described as a spur of the moment or unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase. Researcher suggest that emotions and feelings play a huge role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well crafted promotional message. Such purchases ranges from small (food items, clothing, … Continue reading

The Future of Ecommerce: Evolution Trends That Are Changing Online Shopping

In recent years, the Ecommerce revolution has transformed shopping to the point where someone can find a great deal without even getting dressed. Although the amount of time and money we spend online grows every year, the Ecommerce experience has changed very little since its inception. In the beginning, Ecommerce was touted as a “Jetsons-esque” … Continue reading

The Evolution of Social Commerce: Types, Trends and Future

Social commerce is a form of commerce mediated by social media and is converging both online and offline environments. In social commerce, people do commerce or intentionally explore commerce opportunities by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online environment. As a relatively new phenomenon, social commerce has evolved quickly in practice, yet has gained little … Continue reading

Types of Online Shoppers and How to Get Them to Buy

You’ve built and launched your e-commerce site. You’ve set your target market. You’ve got everything in place. What’s next? You need to understand the psychology of your customers—how your market thinks and behaves. Delving deeper into the impact of psychology on consumer behavior can help boost your e-commerce sales. No two shoppers are exactly the … Continue reading

Experiential Marketing: Driving More Brand Engagement with Consumers

We always remember the way people or things make us feel and by evoking feelings of happiness, relaxation, excitement or anything else, brands can reinforce their message in a way that will last in the minds of their audience. The marketing fraternity has witnessed a number of marketing trends in recent periods, from brand publishing … Continue reading

Marketing techniques for eCommerce (III). Personalized analytics and dashboards

Today we will be looking at dashboards. A suitable dashboard should bring together the information that enables the people to whom it is aimed to quickly reach conclusions about trends in the company data. To do so, analysts must have a precise idea of which data are required and how to obtain them. Use of … Continue reading

eCommerce trends: Men vs. Women (infographic)

Nextopia have designed an infogrpahic showing the differences between men and women when they go shopping, I mean, their habits. We know that both are different in many facts of life, but also, each one has it’s own behaviour in shopping, they don’t pay attention to the same marketing promotions; even the colors of an … Continue reading