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Buyer Personas – 9 Steps to Profiling Buyer Personas

By: Peter Sandeen Courtesy: What are buyer personas? Buyer personas are the individual and identifiable groups of people who buy your products. For example a stereo store has at least three important and very distinct buyer personas. Stereo store example: 1. Those looking for a better stereo system. They’re usually men and they generally don’t mind … Continue reading

The Super Powers of Lead Scoring

We’ve had this infographic in the works for a while, and we’re really excited about the illustration and the content. Thanks to the collaboration with our team at DK New Media, our marketing automation software sponsors at Right On Interactive (ROI), and the amazing talent of Ryan Howe at Henchmen Comic, we are happy to … Continue reading

What’s the REAL VALUE of Lead Scoring for Your Business [infographics by Kentico].

In their pitch for lead scoring, sales people will name dozens of reasons why its adoption is crucial for your business. But you know that the proof is in the pudding. So let’s see what those already using it have to say. What benefits have they really gained? We have tried to verify the real business … Continue reading