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How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing

Do you feel tranquilly calm when surrounded by green fields and blue skies? Or perhaps slightly alarmed when staring at a red stop sign? Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions, and this knowledge has been harnessed all too well by designers and marketers alike. Color can … Continue reading

Colour Psychology in Logo Design

Our mind responds to different colours in different ways. All colours evoke certain kind of feelings and attitudes in all of us and this reaction is fairly consistent in majority of people. This is perhaps the reason why it is so important to choose the right colour for your logo design. Your logo is the … Continue reading

Logo Evolution: How World’s Well Known Logo Changed Over Time?

The evolution of logo designing could be traced back to the Ancient Greece, when the rulers and their dynasties used to use cipher as a monogram in their coins.  However, the modern logo designing dates back to the early days of the Renaissance, around the 13th Century. Goldsmiths, masons, paper makers, and potters, were among the first trades people to … Continue reading

The Science Behind Color: What Logo Color Says About The Company!

Every colour, including black and white, has implications for logo design. As a designers you need to pick your colours carefully to enhance specific elements of the logo and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone. Neuroscientist Bevil Conway, who has focused his recent research almost entirely on the neural machinery … Continue reading

Incredible Logo with Hidden Message: Lets know what companies trying to say by LOGO!

There are thousands of companies marketing themselves to consumers (both prospective and returning) several times per day, all of them with their own unique logo. Even the simplest company logos have a high amount of thought and time put into them, from logos representing small businesses all the way to logos for colossal corporations. One … Continue reading