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The Evolution of Social Commerce: Types, Trends and Future

Social commerce is a form of commerce mediated by social media and is converging both online and offline environments. In social commerce, people do commerce or intentionally explore commerce opportunities by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online environment. As a relatively new phenomenon, social commerce has evolved quickly in practice, yet has gained little … Continue reading

Pipeline Marketing: Ditching Lead Generation and Goals for Revenue (Part 1)

Pipeline marketing is a term that many in the marketing industry, even those heavily engaged in digital marketing, are not entirely familiar with. It may go by other names; math marketing or revenue marketing, for instance, but the idea is the same: using data strategically to critically evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing efforts. Marketers … Continue reading

Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn: A Huge Move into Enterprise Social Media

World’s Leading Professional Cloud is adding World’s Leading Professional Network to its portfolio in unprecedented deal size. Yes, Microsoft makes a big move into enterprise social media by acquiring LinkedIn in a for $26.2 billion As per news suggest Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring LinkedIn, the social network for professionals with some 433 … Continue reading

Experiential Marketing: Driving More Brand Engagement with Consumers

We always remember the way people or things make us feel and by evoking feelings of happiness, relaxation, excitement or anything else, brands can reinforce their message in a way that will last in the minds of their audience. The marketing fraternity has witnessed a number of marketing trends in recent periods, from brand publishing … Continue reading

Word of Mouth: The Impact of Advanced Communication Technology in Marketing

The first tool in the prehistoric marketer’s proverbial tool belt was language and voice. One can imagine that, in the early days of human civilization, marketing was primarily through word of mouth. The location, quality, price, and availability of a certain product or service could be only learned by direct verbal contact with the actual … Continue reading

Survey: 70% Of Marketers Plan To Boost Social Spending In 2015

Mobile marketing will also get more resources in 2015 according to a global survey by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It’s here — the definitive marketing report of 2015. We surveyed more than 5,000 marketers globally to understand top priorities for the year across all digital channels. Inside this second annual report, 2015 State of Marketing, you get … Continue reading


Continuing………. 21: Paid Media Becomes the Norm Paid media isn’t going away. In fact, budgeting for paid media will be more important than ever, as it will be more integrated with earned and owned media. This year, we saw social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram introduce ads to a number of businesses as they … Continue reading


Continuing………. 11: Paid Media Becomes Necessary In 2014, we witnessed several changes in the way businesses are forced to approach Facebook marketing—first with the drop in organic reach, then the death of the like-gate and now the announcement of how Facebook plans to reduce the amount of promotional content coming from brands in the news feed. … Continue reading

28 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2015 From the Pros (Part-1)

By Cindy King Courtesy: Are you wondering what 2015 might look like for social media marketing? If the changes in 2014 are an indicator, there will be a lot more changes in 2015. To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 28 social media pros. Here’s … Continue reading

15 digital trends for 2015

Research by Bell Pottinger reveals the 15 top digital trends that are set to change the way brands communicate in 2015. The analysis, undertaken by Bell Pottinger Digital, the group’s digital consultancy, captures the most talked about trends online in 2014 and ranks them in order of percentage increase throughout the year. All 15 trends … Continue reading