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Do KPIs work for sales persons?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) probably requires minimum orientation to people in corporate world. The term has already become an identical formula or method to measure performance in the wonderland of corporate managers. To be effective it has to be really three things – an instrument to help you meet your end goal, it has to … Continue reading

Impulse Purchase in E-commerce: Applying Real World Principles Online

Impulse buying can be described as a spur of the moment or unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase. Researcher suggest that emotions and feelings play a huge role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well crafted promotional message. Such purchases ranges from small (food items, clothing, … Continue reading

Breaking Down the Elements of a Brand: An Insight Look

Before we get into building your brand, there’s a bit of background we need to get out of the way. Asking the question “What is a brand?” may seem like a silly question but most people don’t fully know or understand exactly what a brand is. I would argue that most marketers don’t even know. … Continue reading

Pipeline Marketing: Ditching Lead Generation and Goals for Revenue (Part 1)

Pipeline marketing is a term that many in the marketing industry, even those heavily engaged in digital marketing, are not entirely familiar with. It may go by other names; math marketing or revenue marketing, for instance, but the idea is the same: using data strategically to critically evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing efforts. Marketers … Continue reading

Types of Online Shoppers and How to Get Them to Buy

You’ve built and launched your e-commerce site. You’ve set your target market. You’ve got everything in place. What’s next? You need to understand the psychology of your customers—how your market thinks and behaves. Delving deeper into the impact of psychology on consumer behavior can help boost your e-commerce sales. No two shoppers are exactly the … Continue reading

Experiential Marketing: Driving More Brand Engagement with Consumers

We always remember the way people or things make us feel and by evoking feelings of happiness, relaxation, excitement or anything else, brands can reinforce their message in a way that will last in the minds of their audience. The marketing fraternity has witnessed a number of marketing trends in recent periods, from brand publishing … Continue reading

Word of Mouth: The Impact of Advanced Communication Technology in Marketing

The first tool in the prehistoric marketer’s proverbial tool belt was language and voice. One can imagine that, in the early days of human civilization, marketing was primarily through word of mouth. The location, quality, price, and availability of a certain product or service could be only learned by direct verbal contact with the actual … Continue reading

Knocking Copy: A Competitive Tool Making The Consumers Blind

Also known as, “Knocking Copy”, comparative advertising is a technique by which a product is compared with a competitive product with the intent of providing its superiority. In contrast, the more traditional advertising approach of promoting sales is based solely on the merits of a particular product or service. Comparative advertising identifies the competition for … Continue reading