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The Evolution of Social Commerce: Types, Trends and Future

Social commerce is a form of commerce mediated by social media and is converging both online and offline environments. In social commerce, people do commerce or intentionally explore commerce opportunities by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online environment. As a relatively new phenomenon, social commerce has evolved quickly in practice, yet has gained little … Continue reading

Marketing techniques for eCommerce (III). Personalized analytics and dashboards

Today we will be looking at dashboards. A suitable dashboard should bring together the information that enables the people to whom it is aimed to quickly reach conclusions about trends in the company data. To do so, analysts must have a precise idea of which data are required and how to obtain them. Use of … Continue reading

eCommerce trends: Men vs. Women (infographic)

Nextopia have designed an infogrpahic showing the differences between men and women when they go shopping, I mean, their habits. We know that both are different in many facts of life, but also, each one has it’s own behaviour in shopping, they don’t pay attention to the same marketing promotions; even the colors of an … Continue reading

Survey: 70% Of Marketers Plan To Boost Social Spending In 2015

Mobile marketing will also get more resources in 2015 according to a global survey by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It’s here — the definitive marketing report of 2015. We surveyed more than 5,000 marketers globally to understand top priorities for the year across all digital channels. Inside this second annual report, 2015 State of Marketing, you get … Continue reading

The Super Powers of Lead Scoring

We’ve had this infographic in the works for a while, and we’re really excited about the illustration and the content. Thanks to the collaboration with our team at DK New Media, our marketing automation software sponsors at Right On Interactive (ROI), and the amazing talent of Ryan Howe at Henchmen Comic, we are happy to … Continue reading

The Differences Between Online, Offline Leads and How Each Impacts Lead Conversions

In today’s sales environment, leads typically come from two sources, online or offline — each comes with a very different makeup and convert based on differing tactics. Not surprisingly, the characteristics vastly differ based on how whether they were acquired online or off. No matter where the lead was acquired, the first hour is critical … Continue reading

Inbound Marketing: The Strategic Move by Marketers on the online arena

Today, more and more marketers are firmly focused on the online arena, making the shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing—a strategy that’s aimed at getting found by customers. MDG Advertising has developed the following infographic, which clearly shows why inbound marketing has gained such momentum, and why it’s become the “in” thing for many … Continue reading